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We’re simply in love with delicate embroidery and beautiful crocheting and can’t seem to get enough of it.

Each simple yet meticulous handicraft, is a delicate interplay of colour and texture.

white star Christmas decorations with embroidery and mirror work

red crochet baubles with mirror work

Why does embroidery/crochet inspire us so?

Because for us, it fosters a sense of nostalgia and is deeply rooted in our traditions … bringing us closer to a time when talent, patience and beautiful techniques were at the heart of something beautiful.

Or perhaps, we’re reminded of clothes we wore, and fabric that surrounded us as we’ve grown up?

It’s heart-warming to see these craft forms make a come back into daily life, with so many gifted crafters online ….I’m quite in awe of the talent around… just browse around the likes of Etsy, Craftsy or other craft blogs ....there’s so much inspiration!

A handmade Christmas…

Our first attempt at introducing traditional embroidery and crocheting into what we do, was through our collection of handmade Christmas decorations.

These were our bestsellers in 2017 and featured a combination of hand embroidery, crochet and traditional mirror (or Abhla) work from the region of Gujarat, India.

Gujarat is known for its embroidery- While this was traditionally made in rural communities especially women, to decorate clothes, create shawls, wall decor and wall hangings, it is no longer limited to rural communities. Young girls are taught hand embroidery by their mothers at an early age, and the art is passed down from generation to generation.



Photo credit: Wikipedia

India (Gujarat), woman's costume, 1970s-1980s - Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum - DSC05309

The embroidery of Gujarat is characterised by its use of bright colours, mirrors and beads and intricate and extensive embroidery.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Altar Cloth (Toran), Saurashtra, Gujarat, India, 20th Century, cotton, metal and mirror pieces. plain weave with embroidery and mirror work, Honolulu Academy of Arts

We kept in line with simple patterns, in contrasting colours, and they were truely brought to life by a very skilled group of young women (featured below). 

Women hand embroidering Christmas decorations in India

The finesse of their hand embroidery and crochet work, has turned these simple pieces into beautiful keepsakes. 

Women hand embroidering Christmas decorations in India

As they say ‘Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time!'

Tell us what you think...

Red heart hand embroidered Christmas decoration with mirror work  

Red star hand embroidered Christmas decoration with mirror work

white crochet bauble with mirror work

Teal mirror work Christmas decorations

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