A new look for a traditional craft

Annie Sloan paints Mirrors Traditional Craft Woodwork

We’re passionate about reviving traditional skills. So, when choosing the right craft to begin our collection…the choice was pretty apparent, the beautiful ornate frames made by Saharanpur wood workers from India, were just too beautiful to resist.

This wood craft can be found across India, but traces its roots to Kashmir, India and dates back to about 400 years in the Mughal period [source: The Times of India].









Photo Credit: The Times of India

The handicraft of Saharanpur is passed on through generations and has evolved over time - it’s now a unique blend of Mughal and Indian styles, with patterns created in a traditional Anguri (entwined grapevine) pattern or style. [Source: Travelspedia]

Our wood crafter Salman (featured) works out of a workshop in Mumbai, but hails from Saharanpur.














Photo Credit: The Elephant Head - Our wood crafter, Salman (featured), works out of a workshop in Mumbai, but hails from Saharanpur.

Something old, something new…

Many believe this beautiful craft form with it's intricate carving, blends perfectly if your home décor borders along the traditional or eclectic….but can this craft form just as easily blend into a contemporary or modern setting? This for some, is a tad bit difficult to imagine...

Our task at hand, was to therefore create something unique (bordering on the contemporary) while keeping with the beauty of the traditional craft…the possibilities to us were endless…

We settled with the idea using simple lines bordered by traditional carving, emphasising the beauty of the craftsmanship! True to our eclectic style and our love for colour, we also hand painted (locally in the UK) these gorgeous hand carved frames in striking colours.

The making of our mirror frames      Painting the mirror frames

Our much loved hand painted mirrors, now form a delicate blend of traditional, contemporary, and practical – and they’re sure to create a definite conversation piece in any home! After all, a beautiful mirror creates drama, frames views, enhances light and truly transforms a space. 


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