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It’s been a while, and we’re finally giving our neglected blog the love that it deserves. We’ve been busy researching, planning, creating and shooting our just launched furniture collection, including handcrafted armchairs, and are loving the initial response from you.

This collection has been many months in the planning, working with various small-scale artisans and workshops across India, to bring you the little details that really make these chairs one of a kind.

The Devil is in the detail

All our armchairs are made of beautifully polished teak wood, and available in a choice of bold to neutral velvet, and cotton fabrics. They are designed in a timeless style that takes into consideration the contemporary home.

What makes them stand out is the unique range of hand embroidered buttons used to embellish them -our design inspiration- the ‘Flora and Fauna’ of India.

So have a look and tell us what you think....would you consider treating yourself to one?

The Mor Arm Chair

The National Bird of India, the magnificent peacock, finds many references in Indian culture, representing the unity of vivid colours. [source: Wikipedia]

The Mor Arm chair is upholstered in Peacock blue velvet, offset by beautiful hand embroidered peacocks, and delicate legs, this statement chair, just like the elegant peacock is one to stand out in a crowd.

Mor Arm Chair

The Blue Robin Lounge Chair

The Indian Blue Robin is a small bird found in the Indian Subcontinent. It is now found in the forests along the Himalayas of Nepal, India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. We simply love this little bird for its beautiful colours.

[Pic source: Wikipedia]

The Blue Robin Lounge chair is upholstered in Navy blue velvet, brought to life by striking hand embroidered blue robin buttons.

Blue Robin Lounge Chair

The Ber rocking chair

Anyone who’s grown up or been to India will be familiar with the ‘Ber/ Indian Jujube fruit’. This relatively cheap, but popular fruit, is often relished around spring time across India, and even holds significance in Hindu Mythology.

Ber fruit-Wikimedia Commons

[Pic source:Wikimedia Commons]

The Ber Rocking Chair’s buttoned detailing, pays ode to this very humble fruit - upholstered in soft beige velvet, with orange and brown hand embroidered buttons, this chair makes for an interesting conversation piece.

Ber Rocking Chair

The Tulsi Lounge and Rocking chair

The Tulsi or Holy Basil plant holds a special place in India. It is not only known for its numerous medicinal properties, but is also considered sacred among Hindus. We’ve taken inspiration from the delicate flowers and leaves of the Tulsi plant.

[Pic source:Wikimedia Commons]

With one-of-a-kind hand embroidered buttons that are inspired by the ‘Tulsi flower’, the solid teak wood, ‘Ochre Tulsi Lounge Chair’, is eye-catching and brings in a pop of colour.

Tulsi Lounge Chair Ochre

On the other hand, the stylish ‘Tulsi Rocking Chair’, covered in soft blue velvet, is perfect to snuggle up and relax in. Making a great addition to any living room, bedroom or nursery.

Tulsi Rocking Chair












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