Every leaf speaks bliss to me….

Auroville Handmade paper Leaf imprints

Just like the words of the novelist and poet Emily Brontë, our latest collection speaks of the beauty of nature…. here delicate leaves form patterns and texture, taking centre stage in some amazing creations from the team at Auroville Papers-- “Nature contributes lavishly to the making of our products, entire gardens, and forests – flowers, petals, leaves, grass, pods, etc., combine to adorn and put their living forms and spirit onto the paper, making each item a unique and beautiful creation”.

Creating something beautiful & tangible, from something so organic…

When you take a look at the beautiful range of picture frames, wall art, tableware, stationery and jewellery created by the team, you’ll find it hard to believe they were created out of cotton rags, vegetable fibers and paper recycled from the offices at Auroville. 

Auroville Papers aim to create ecologically-sound products...giving a whole new meaning to recycling, from recycled water to recycled paper…even the leaves used, are those that have fallen on the ground, 'prolonging beauty which would have turned to dust…'

Auroville 2014 catalogue- sketch of a woman gathering leaves

Photo credit: Auroville Papers 2015 catalogue.

Leafy beginnings...

The story has been captured so beautifully (in the image below), by Auroville Papers----“ One day, half of a bauhinia leaf came unstuck from the paper while being incrusted. It had left its trace on the paper. So clear and so sharp! The well-defined petiole, the delicate veins, the lovely shape, the subtle colour, everything was there except — the leaf itself! As if, before departing it left its soul on the paper.” 

Auroville 2014 Brochure -story of the leaf


Photo credit: Auroville Papers 2014 brochure

That was the real turning point for Auroville Papers. Leaf imprints on wet pulp have now become an integral part of their creations.

Their journey started around 19 years ago, when the team set out to create ‘new-look’ and ‘new-feel’ paper for their products...their work has slowly gone from strength to strength, experimenting with materials such as cotton, dried banana strands, spliced bamboo sticks, straw, jute and leaves from teak, eucalyptus, bauhinia, and kadamba trees and much more…

Auroville aspires to a different kind of society

Auroville Papers is an undertaking in the international city of Auroville in South India. Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human Unity.

Imbibing this into the way they work, the international team at Auroville Papers works in tandem with local villagers and Aurovilians sharing this ideal, to create beautiful products.

 Auroville 2014 catalogue- sketch of a woman making paper pulp Auroville catalogue- sketch of a woman pressing leaves on paper

Photo credit: Auroville Papers 2015 catalogue

Bring nature into your home!

We’re excited to bring to you selected range of Auroville Paper products for your home, from their Imprints, Garden and Painted leaves ranges-- the collections feature various leaf patterns such as Benjamin, Heart Leaf, Cypressi, Teak leaf, Pond leaves, and Kadhambam.


When placed on a paper of a light colour, the leaves show not only their shape but some of their own colour as well.

Some products from the Imprints range.

Wall art>

Photo frames>





This line is the most romantic of their creations. It has the freshness and the delicacy of a garden in spring, the soft colours of budding flowers, and the happy disorder of wild plants.

Some products from the Garden range.

Wall art>

Photo frames>




Painted leaves

In this line, the paper is white, and the leaves are painted in various colours.

Some products from the Imprints range.

Wall art>

Photo frames>




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