Spotlight on: Reclaimed wood: Trendy yet timeless

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Eco-friendly, sustainable living is fast becoming an integral part of today’s home design. Reclaimed wood is one such ecologically viable option and is perhaps one of the most used of reclaimed materials.

Creating something new from something old...

We think of reclamation as giving something a new lease of life- from Items that were perhaps discarded and considered no longer fit for purpose. To us, using reclaimed materials ties in with our belief that things can have a value well beyond their time!

Big on style

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. Reclaimed wood has the unique ability to blend into a variety of aesthetics while maintaining its individuality. Each piece is different and that’s what makes it special.

In fact, it’s the imperfections, the individual markings, and knots that make reclaimed products unique.

Be it our popular reclaimed wood home accessories or our Vintage windows, these reclaimed or repurposed products all come with certain imperfections, flaws that suggest a story, a life, and a sense of belonging to a period in time when things were made by hand.

Adding reclaimed wood items through furniture, flooring or accessories is a simple way of adding texture, introducing a feeling of warmth to a space, and ever so subtly connecting your home to nature.

So this Christmas, if you are looking to decorate your home or gift someone with unique, eco-friendly and sustainable furnishings, reclaimed wood is the way to go.

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