Grey and Blue Velvet Silk Ikat Cushion Cover with Grey Tassels
Grey and Blue Velvet Silk Ikat Cushion Covers
Grey and Blue Velvet Silk Ikat Cushion Cover
Grey and Blue Velvet Silk Ikat Cushion Cover grey backing
Grey and Blue Velvet Silk Ikat Cushion Cover pattern details
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Grey and Blue Velvet Silk Ikat Cushion Cover

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Adding a soft luxurious touch to any room is this richly hand-woven beautiful velvet Ikat cushion cover.

The Grey and Blue velvet ikat cushion cover, has been handmade in India, and its rich fabric has been hand-woven by artisans from Uzbekistan.

These vibrant cushion covers come with a Grey and Blue patterned ikat velvet front, all-around grey tassels, a soft silk-cotton mix grey backing, and hidden zip fastening.


16" X 16"

Care Instructions

Dry Clean/Cold Gentle Hand Wash; Do not Bleach; Line Dry; Iron on Low/Medium Heat.


Uzbek Ikat

Between the early 19th century and the beginning of the Soviet period, there was an extraordinary flowering of the art of ikat textile weaving in Central Asia. Although ikat has come to be known as the national fabric of Uzbekistan, its original development involved widespread adoption of this striking fabric by Uzbeks, Tajiks, Jews, Turkmen and Kyrgyz. Virtually every ethnic and religious group in western Central Asia used ikat for costume and décor and was involved in the production and marketing of the cloth, although it was produced primarily in what is now the Republic of Uzbekistan. Each unique ikat is the work of an individual who thought deeply about every choice of colour and form in order to build a harmonious composition.[Source: Steppe Guide: Ikat]

~Tying cultures together~

Ikat is one of the oldest known patterned textiles in the world, with a history that spans across multiple cultures and is known to have existed in India since the 6th Century. Ikat a Malay-Indonesian language word means ‘to tie’.

Ikat is a weaving style common to many world cultures and is thought to be practised in over 30 countries across the world. Traditionally, Ikat were symbols of status, wealth, power and prestige because of the time and intricate skill involved in the weaving process. Ikat weaving is most prevalent in Indonesia, India and Japan. It is also still common in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico. In Iran, It goes by the Persian name, Daraee. In the 19th century, via the Silk Route, Uzbekistan and Xinjiang in Central Asia were famous for their fine silk Uzbek/Uyghur Ikat.

Mixing vibrant colours, bold patterns and luxurious textures, our globally-inspired cushions are trendy yet steeped in tradition and add a decorative flair to any living space.