Green Kadhambam handmade paper tablemats-set of 4
Green Kadhambam handmade paper tablemats details
The Elephant Head

Green Kadhambam handmade paper tablemats-set of 4

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These beautiful and elegant tablemats from the 'Imprints' range, have been inspired by nature itself and created by Auroville Papers. 

Handmade paper table mats are a great way to add texture and pattern to any table setting.

Detail: Available as a set of 4, durable coated
Dimensions: 42 cm x 29.7 cm

Care instructions: wipe clean with humid sponge or cloth.

Please note: The pictures shown are only representative. Just as no one leaf on a tree is identical to another, the patterns and texture on each mat are unique from the other.

Auroville Papers 

Auroville Papers are located in Auroville, South India. Their international team works in tandem with local villagers and produces hand-made paper items, out of cotton rags, vegetal fibers, and recycled paper. Their products are free from toxic substances, do not require the felling of trees. 

Over the years, they have developed a few techniques of their own and now are able to produce a paper that is both safe ecologically speaking, and artistic. It is naturally artistic, so to say... because the act of making the paper is an act of creation - the team conceives and makes paper the way a weaver conceives and weaves his cloth. This is what makes the paper unique and why so many people are so thrilled when they discover it.