Antique Indo-Portuguese door panel with flower detailing -teal and red
The Elephant Head

Antique Indo-Portuguese door panel

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This exquisite antique teak wood carved mantle once formed the side panel of a Goan Portuguese entrance door. The entrance door occupied a place of honour in Goan houses.

  • over 100 years old
  • design includes a red flower pattern in the middle
  • dramatic teal, lavender carved background
  • includes metal fixtures to the rear
  • can be wall mounted horizontal or vertical


140 cm (W) x 22 cm (H) x 3 cm (D)

Weight: 5 kg

Goan architecture

Colour played an important role in Goan architecture. So much so that during Portuguese rule the owner of the house could be fined if his house was not painted. Goan architecture itself is a combination of Indian, Islamic and Portuguese styles.

Note to buyer

Please pay careful attention to the pictures as this product has spent decades open to the elements and shows signs of significant wear and tear.

We do believe the imperfections only enhance the beauty of the product.